I’m cute as fuck but also fat and frumpy so like lol

I’m very tired of feeling awful

please stop I’m gonna throw up!!!!!

I’m fucking shaking that’s not funny to me

I try so hard to not be a bitch about it but like it makes me so fucking uncomfortable like I do not wanna know about that please stop please forget it happened don’t tell me stories don’t tell me about it

I love you so much

I don’t wanna sleep bc honestly I’m sick of having dreamed about being raped

Wanna die but you’re so worth living for that’s dumb but like

I have so much anxiety over this

I don’t want you to go because I’m a selfish bitch and I wish I could go with you / I don’t want you to experience something so great without me by your side / I wish you would wait for me / I won’t ever have that experience unless you go with me / please don’t go please don’t go please don’t go without me